Bytown Museum Ottawa

The Bytown Museum was founded by the Women’s Canadian Historical Society in 1917. It originally operated out of the old City Registry Office, across from Carleton County Gaol. The museum was relocated to its current site in 1951. The Bytown Museum has been operating out of the Commissariat since then, and in that same building, it once housed Parks Canada. Founded by a local women’s group, the museum has grown to become a beloved destination for tourists and visitors alike.

The Bytown Museum is housed in the oldest stone building in Ottawa. Located behind Parliament Buildings, the museum traces the history of Ottawa, from the construction of the Rideau Canal to the rough days of Bytown. The museum features a diverse calendar of events that demonstrates the changing character of the city. Its permanent exhibits feature nearly 7,000 pieces of history, including the cast of the late D’Arcy McGee’s hand.

When planning a trip to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, you may want to visit the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum. This museum is the country’s national agricultural museum. It showcases a range of farm and food-related products, including cheese, bacon, and sausages. Visitors will also get to see some of Canada’s most iconic symbols, including the maple leaf and the Canadian flag. You can also learn about Canada’s agricultural history and discover how our food and drink is made.

The Canada Aviation and Space (CAS) Museum is a Canadian national aviation history museum located in Ottawa, Ontario. It’s located at Ottawa/Rockcliffe Airport. If you’re looking for a great family outing, the CAS Museum is the perfect spot to visit. You can take in an entire day’s worth of historical exhibits, or just visit one of the many temporary exhibits.

The National Gallery of Canada is the country’s national art museum. Its building spans 46,621 square metres, with 12,400 square meters dedicated to exhibits. It is one of the largest art museums in North America. Its extensive collection of art spans centuries. Visitors of all ages and interests will find something of interest at the gallery. While it’s difficult to see everything in one visit, you will find an incredible array of art on display.

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The Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, is a national museum focused on military history of Canada. The museum is not only a teaching tool, but a place of remembrance as well. It is open to the public daily from 9 am to 5 pm. Located in the Bytown district, the museum is easily accessible by car, train, or bus. Located at 555 Rideau St., the Canadian War Museum is the place to go for a day and see the many things it has to offer.

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