Diefenbunker Museum

Diefenbunker Museum: A Tourist Spot Like No Other

Are you touring around Ontario, Canada? If yes, perhaps you’re looking for tourist destinations and spots that you can visit with your family and friends. You may have explored the different parks, malls, and recreational centers and you’re thinking you’ve got everything covered; but wait, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to what Ontario has to offer.

The Diefenbunker Museum, also popularly dubbed as Canada’s Cold War Museum, is an underground structure that’s not only massive but also particularly unique in every way. The Canadian government built it during the cold war period as a way of protecting itself in case nuclear warfare occurs. Today, it’s one of Canada’s best-kept historical sites that can take you back to early years, while also letting you explore the different exhibits and events.

The location

Nestled strategically in a town called Carp, the museum is easily accessible from wherever you may be coming from. Its exact address is at 3929 Carp Road, in Carp, Ontario. If you’re driving from downtown Ottawa, you can take highway 417 West and then take exit number 144. The Diefenbunker is very easy to locate, as you can see the large billboard sign on the left side of the road.

Things to do

Kids and adults alike can enjoy so many activities at this museum, that’s why it’s a must-visit for everyone. Exhibitions and events vary from time to time depending on the time you’ll be making your visit. They also offer special events that are according to occasions such as egg hunting activity during Easter Sunday. It’s best to check out their official website as well if you want to stay updated on their current events.

Teachers can take advantage of workshops for their students as they go around the museum. Participants will surely enjoy experiencing first-hand immersions related to the cold war and Canadian history itself. The workshop will depend on the students’ grade level and are available from Monday to Sunday. Take note that you will have to book for the activity at least two weeks before your visit.

Are you thinking of an extraordinary way to celebrate your kid’s birthday party? Worry no more because the Diefenbunker also offers this kind of service. Let your kid have the best day of his life while learning the art of espionage through the museum’s spy-themed birthday parties. Different adventures also await the kids as they go on dressing up, cracking codes, and making spy gadgets.

What else to see?

The four-story bunker is about 100,000 square feet wide, and it has so much to offer. Since it began operating in 1998, they have gone through a large-scale retrofit, and they can now accommodate up to 500 visitors at a time. As its way of welcoming guests, be prepared to feel the creepy ambiance of the Blast tunnel which is a long dark tunnel that serves as their front door.

After passing through the tunnel, you’ll end up facing the entrance door that resembles a bank vault, only that this one’s way bigger and creepier. You can choose which attractions to check out first, as there are several inside the museum.

You will also see the following:

  • War cabinet room
  • Cold war store
  • Prime minister’s suite
  • Decontamination shower
  • RexZero Headquarters (Kid’s area)
  • Bank of Canada vault
  • CanX (cafeteria in military style)


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