Dominion Arboretum Ottawa

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The Dominion Arboretum Ottawa ON is located in the city’s south-west corner. It is comprised of approximately 64 acres of rolling terrain. The Arboretum was first established in 1889 as a place to test woody plant species’ hardiness to the climate of Canada. It now boasts over four thousand specimens, including a wide variety of well-established trees and shrubs. The gardens at the Arboretum feature Hostas and Magnolias.

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The Dominion Arboretum Ottawa is part of the Central Experimental Farm, which consists of the gardens, ornamental grounds, and Fletcher Wildlife Garden. The Arboretum and Ornamental Gardens are a must-visit if you are in the area. The gardens are home to over 140 species of plants and over four hundred varieties of flowers. Visitors can also visit the gardens’ 125 varieties of lilacs, which are named after the lumber baron J.R. Booth.

The Dominion Arboretum is a part of the Central Experimental Farm of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and is located on 26 acres of rolling land between Dow’s Lake and the Rideau Canal. Founded in 1889, the Dominion Arboretum is a great place to see the diversity of trees that Canada has to offer. From ancient trees to beautiful conifers, the arboretum is sure to impress any visitor.

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The Dominion Arboretum’s collection of over 1,700 different trees includes European beech. These trees are found on the west coast of North America, but grow in many other areas of the country. The Dominion Arboretum has planted 20 varieties of this tree from 1890 to 1900. The earliest plants the Arboretum planted were Asplenifolia, which had irregularly killed by the cold winters.

Ornamental gardens at Dominion-Arboretum Ottawa ON are home to hundreds of varieties of plants. The gardens were originally created to serve as testing grounds for the development of winter hardy roses and other ornamentals. They are home to a variety of large collections of these plants, including the Explorer rose series, the Isabella Preston lilac series, and the Preston Lilac collection.

This arboretum has over 10,000 different species of trees and shrubs. Most of the specimens were grown to evaluate their hardiness to the Canadian climate. You will see a large Bebb’s Oak as well as Magnolia and Weeping Willows. The area is 45 degrees latitude and sees hot, humid summers and freezing, snowy winters. The trees in the Dominion Arboretum’s greenhouses and gazebos are remarkably hardy, but they can be sensitive to winter cold.

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