Emergency Locksmith Service

//Emergency Locksmith Service

Emergency Locksmith Service

Car Lockout Service

Have you just been locked out of your car? Did your keys go missing? Don’t panic. If you call Tow Truck Ottawa at 613-801-6154 right now, you can gain access back to your keys and be on your way to your destination immediately.

Car is locked, what to do?

Car lockouts happen in the most unpredictable circumstances. Sometimes, it happens when you’re planning a much-awaited outing or running late for an important meeting. You don’t want this to happen to you more than once. However, if this did happen to you, the first thing you need to do is stay calm and make sure you are not in a position where you’re putting yourself at risk.

Have a look around the area to see if you’re blocking other vehicles on the road or if there’s a possibility of you or your car being hit by another vehicle. Even parking lots are not safe 100% of the time. A good rule of the thumb is to stay by your car until help arrives.

If you’ve tried all DIY methods for unlocking but still no avail, it’s time to call us for a prompt, professional assistance.
How long will the car lockout expert arrive?

When accidental car lock happens, you need assistance immediately, if not instantly. Wherever you are in Ottawa or nearby locations, we will make sure to reach your proximity in 30 minutes. Our auto lockout experts know the area quite well and are familiar of the fastest routes. This lets them arrive at any location in a rapid manner, sometimes even less than the promised ETA.

Which vehicles do you unlock?

Tow Truck Ottawa unlocks all types of cars and other vehicles including:

Off-road rides
All car makes and models

Do you need a specialist for each type of vehicle?

Our auto locksmiths are rigorously trained and experienced in unlocking various makes and models of vehicles. No matter the type of locks or units, our crews are guaranteed to unlock your doors, trunk, or glove compartment fast and safely.

How long does car unlocking take?

Our professional car lockout crews usually start the unlocking process by inspecting your situation and suggesting the best solutions for your needs. For easy cases, most cars will be unlocked in just 5 minutes. If a key is necessary, our crews will need more time depending on the type of key needed. No worries because we will inform you of the estimated time before starting to unlock your vehicle.

Is car damage possible?

No, not at all. Our car lockout services swear by effective and safe techniques to make sure your vehicle will be good as new even after the unlocking process. Our highly skilled locksmiths will unlock your vehicle carefully and smoothly to give you peace of mind.
Contact Tow Truck Ottawa to get access back to your car immediately

Our friendly, highly-skilled locksmiths are just a phone call away. Reach out to them by dialing 613-801-6154 and they will happily assist you accordingly. Our services are reasonably priced, not to mention worth every penny!

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