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Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy duty vehicles are large and powerful by nature. This is why they need specialized equipment in case they need to be transported to a different location. The great thing about our heavy duty towing service is that we’re equipped with equally powerful heavy duty tow trucks, along with other recovery systems to provide you hassle-free assistance even in the most stressful and challenging situations.

Which vehicles are considered heavy duty?

Commonly used for freight transport, heavy duty vehicles are exactly it – heavy. Since most vehicles run on diesel, they are usually cleaner and more fuel efficient for the tasks they perform.

Tow Truck Ottawa’s heavy duty towing service accepts towing requests for the following vehicles:

  • Buses and commercial buses (for tours, etc.)
  • Semi tractor-trailers
  • Flatbeds
  • Box trucks
  • Platform trucks
  • Bobtail trucks
  • Straight trucks
  • Pine-hook trailers
  • 5th-wheel trailers
  • Cement trucks
  • Dump trucks
  • Garbage trucks
  • Semi-trucks
  • Motor homes
  • Cranes and heavy equipment

We’re more than just an Ottawa towing company

Once you hire Tow Truck Ottawa, you’re not hiring manpower, you’re hiring efficiency, reliability, and a professional team that truly cares about your vehicle’s safety. Our power doesn’t rely solely on high-capacity towing trucks, but on our passionate team and customized service, providing top-of-the-line assistance to clients as immediate as possible.

The built and strength of our tow trucks make it possible for our towing team to meet, if not exceed client expectations. Our trucks can lift most types of heavy duty vehicles. Sometimes, we even tow multiple vehicles at once. This allows for cheaper and more efficient towing, saving you time and money in the process.

Our service areas

Tow Truck Ottawa is licensed to service Ottawa and nearby locations including Orleans, Barrhaven, Manotick, Kanata, and Stittsville. We also do long distance towing for stranded and other emergency-stricken vehicles.

Count on us for your heavy duty towing

When it comes to heavy duty towing, our towing experts have the power, strength, and experience. Such qualities are everything you need for a convenient towing experience, paired with extra powerful machines to do the transporting.

Search for “tow truck near me” no more. Tow Truck Ottawa is fully insured, licensed, and a full-service towing company that can offer immediate assistance rain or shine, extreme condition or not. Our booking staff are polite, friendly, and knowledgeable in handling virtually all types of heavy duty towing concerns.

Dial 613-801-6154today for 24-hour heavy duty towing requests!

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