How Regular Vehicle Maintenance Saves You Money

How Regular Vehicle Maintenance Saves You

When you take your car into the garage and your mechanic throws around the term preventative or regular maintenance you might think these items aren’t necessary because they aren’t broken down right now and so you don’t have to worry about it. Regular vehicle maintenance is important not only for your vehicle, long term, but also for your wallet. Here are a few ways that regular, preventative maintenance can save you money in the long run.

Prevent Big Problems

When you fix the small problems you’re less likely to run into some kind of catastrophic event with your vehicle down the road. With some vehicles, for example, if your timing belt breaks it could mean you’ll need to replace your whole engine. Preventative maintenance for something like this could be about $500 vs $2,500 for a whole new engine.

Extend the Lifespan

Purchasing a new vehicle is very expensive as it means car payments when you likely already owned your own vehicle. This can also be super expensive if your old car breaks down unexpectedly and you aren’t really prepared for a new one. If you can keep your current vehicle in good shape and up to date on maintenance then you can definitely extend the life of the vehicle and save money on purchasing a new one.

Better Gas Mileage

When a car is running as optimally as it should, it means that it will be as efficient as possible. With all systems running well the vehicle is less likely to guzzle extra gas, and you’ll be fueling up less often putting more money in your pocket. A dirty engine has to work harder to get from A to B, but a clean engine will sail through and be much for efficient.

No Roadside Breakdowns

If your vehicle is well maintained you are less likely to breakdown on the side of the road. If you aren’t stranded on the side of a road then you aren’t paying out towing costs, travel interruptions, extra hotels or meals you wouldn’t normally have to buy. All of these costs to get your vehicle back to your preferred garage will add up. Keeping your vehicle well maintained will keep your car running and make sure you aren’t stranded on the side of the road.

Your vehicle is an investment, and you will be able to get so much more life out of it if you make sure you take care of it. Sometimes mechanics are thought to only be greedy and will tell you that everything needs to be fixed, but that doesn’t mean your mechanic isn’t looking out for your best interest. Regular maintenance checks can prevent you from needing to call a tow truck while stranded on the side of the road, and avoid expensive repairs to get your vehicle back on the road. Your mechanic can give you a list of scheduled maintenance checks to follow so that everything will run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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