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Repair Service

Flat Tire Repair and Replacement

Are your tires flat, punctured, or losing pressure? Call Tow Truck Ottawa via 613-801-6154 and consider your problem solved. Our professional tire experts will check your tires if repair is possible. Repair or replacement, we offer a pretty fair price to our valuable clients.

How to know if your tires need repair or replacement

You’d know your tires need urgent attention when they:

Are punctured, cracked, or cut
Has worn down tread
Has uneven tread wear
Has blisters or bulges
Are embedded with stones and other debris on the tread

How we do it

Our flat tire replacement service starts with a thorough external and internal examination of your tires. This is done by one of our experts, who will determine the cause and severity of damage. After the evaluation we will discuss the details with you and advise whether repair or replacement is necessary.

If your flat tires fit in the fixable category, we will repair them accordingly; keeping the state’s rubber standards in mind. Our repair normally consists of plastering any holes or punctures and making sure the plasters are strong enough to withstand weight and air pressure.

If repair isn’t possible, we will offer you suggestions for the best tire brands available. Our partner manufacturers have a steady reputation in the industry and will sure offer you the best prices possible. We also assist if your wheels need rebalancing. We can also activate your tire pressure monitoring system, if needed.

Importance of prompt tire replacement

Flat tire repair, when done immediately and precisely, can help you gain a huge amount of savings from buying new tires. Hence, you need to give urgent attention to your flat tires before they reach the end of their useful state. If your tire leaks air deliberately, having an expert maintain its pressure can help you avoid a sudden flat before it happens.

Call Tow Truck Ottawa for your flat tire replacement needs

Flat tires can happen anytime. This is precisely why we’re here to help you 24/7. Geared with the latest technology in tire replacement and professional tire experts, Ottawa Towing Company will help you get back on the road in no time. Dial 613-801-6154 to chase your tire worries away. Our friendly phone agents are waiting for your call!

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