Safest Neighborhoods In Ottawa

One of the most common concerns of people throughout is finding places that are the safest for living. And they aren’t wrong in that. If you are going to invest your hard-earned money somewhere, you better check out if it’s worth it. Living in a safe neighborhood is the topmost priority for anyone who is looking for leasing or buying a property for their family. The search for such a place could be tedious no doubt, especially given that there are so many places to choose from and no way of actually knowing if they are safe enough comparatively. This really dampens all your plans, doesn’t it?

 It’s hard to invest time in things like this, however important, in the busy hubbubs of every day. And ultimately you keep putting off the search and you shift, along with it. So to ease your worries we have brought about a list of places in Ottawa that are ranked the safest. Canada itself has a very low crime rate and in Ottawa the same stands. But even then, it doesn’t hurt to be on the safer side, does it? So let’s look right ahead.

Did You Know?

A lover of all things “ice”? Then you’d be especially interested to know that the largest ice rink in the entire world is located right here in Ottawa. All you have to do is to wait for the Rideau canal to freeze over and then it becomes the longest skating rink in the world. But before heading out, do check out the local information because some of the parts of this rink might not be available depending upon the weather due to unreliable ice.

Why Should You Choose Ottawa?

If safety is your priority to start your own legacy of a home, Ottawa is the right place to be. With its crime rate at a minimal, this might really be the place you have been looking to settle down in all your life. It is very important to check out the locality beforehand for everything. Even though the crime rates have been stagnant, there has been a violent uprising in the year 2016. But despite all of that, Ottawa, Ontario was stated as the safest city in Canada by a Mainstreet/Postmedia poll that was taken by the citizens of Canada which were released in August of 2017.

Now, you might be thinking, what about the actual crime reports?  Well, the actual stats that were calculated in the year 2017 by Statistics Canada who calculates a “crime severity index” will put your worries to rest. It claims that Ottawa is indeed one of the safer cities in Canada! So we have customized a list for you based on these reports that will tell you about the safest places in Ottawa!

Ottawa’s Safest Places

Cumberland Ward

If you are looking for neighborhoods that are the safest in Ottawa, Cumberland Ward is the right place to start. Represented on Ottawa City Council, this place is a city ward located in Ottawa. Cumberland Ward is said to be located on the eastern side of Ottawa, Ontario. This place includes portions of different communities that consist of Notting Hill, Chaparral, Falling Brook, Queenswood Heights, Avalon, Mer Bleue. It also includes the rural areas of old Cumberland as well. There are two major communities in this neighborhood namely Navan and Vars. The crime rate in this neighborhood is 24.1/10,000.


One of the safest places to reside in Ottawa will definitely have to be none other than Barrhaven. It is a large family suburb located in the Southern part of Ottawa. The place, Oswood, goes side by side with this place but it’s not a suburb like Barrhaven. Oswood is a relatively rural area and was formerly part of a township before 2001 when the City of Ottawa amalgamation happened. Both these wards are amazing places to live. You can choose either one of them based on your requirements, whether you are looking for rural living or are more inclined towards a suburban vibe. If we look at the crime rates by combining both the wards, it stands at 21.9 against a tally of 10000.

Goulbourn-Rural Ottawa South Ward:

If you are looking for more of a rural lifestyle than a suburban or city one then this is the place to be. Goulbourn-Rural Ottawa South Ward is a really good place to reside with access to all the amenities that you might be looking for and everything that is required for you to live a convenient and comfortable lifestyle. It is an established area which has been around for quite a while and has a few schools for your children. It also provides many recreational opportunities for you as well. This ward includes areas such as Richmond, Manotick, and North Gower under it as well. With the crime level at the minimum, this ward records 18.9 crimes against a person per 10,000 that’s been calculated. There can be no place safer than this in Ottawa!

West Carleton-March Ward:

Another amazing find on the list of top safest neighborhoods in Ottawa is, not surprisingly, West Carleton-March Ward. This ward has an amazing and incredible rural community which includes Constance Ray, Arnprior, Fitzroy Harbour, and Carp. The folks in these rural areas are very homely and welcoming. It is a relatively smaller town as compared to others so the community feeling is very strong here. You can live a laid-back country lifestyle while still having access to the city within just half an hour. The crime rate in this part of the neighborhood is relatively lesser than all the others that we have seen till now. It is expected because it is a rural area so crime isn’t very active here. If you have to look at the stats for this, it is 17.6/10,000. It is pretty negligible, isn’t it?

Innes Ward

The next in line we have for you Innes Ward. Located in the East end of Ottawa, this place is the emblem of marvel. Blackburn Hamlet, Chateau Neuf, and Chapel hill can all be found here in the laps of this mighty ward. The best thing about this place is that these neighborhoods in Innes ward are not distant at all. They are just 15-20 mins away from downtown Ottawa which makes accessibility a much easier chore. It still gives out a village vibe even after being so close to the city. It’s like the best of both worlds combined, isn’t it? The streets are lined with trees and there are many parks in Blackburn Hamlet. This makes it an ideal place for the neighborhood to be connected as a whole and a dream come true for cyclists and pedestrians. It is a pretty safe neighborhood with the crime rate being 33.3 against 10000.

Kanata- North and Kanata-South Wardthe

Located on the west side of Ottawa, Kanata-North is a part of a relatively large suburban space. It includes the localities that consist of Beaverbrook, Morgan’s Grant, and the Kanata Lakes. If we have to describe it properly, Kanata North is an area that can be said to be upper-middle-class, bourgeois if you’d like, which has very high-tech business parks within its boundaries. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t lush green spaces in it. The crime rate is pretty low with a 17.2/10000 leaving West Carleton-March Ward behind by 0.4.

Now, the southern ward of Kanata isn’t anything less and includes pretty well-established neighborhoods in its vicinity including Katimavik-Hazeldean and Glen Cairn, both of which are located near the Hazeldean Mall. But that’s not all. It also consists of up-and-coming neighborhoods which have developing communities in Bridlewood and Fernbank Crossing. The crime rate in this region is 31.3/10000.

It is very much understandable to keep the safety and security of a neighborhood you want to reside in or already reside in, in check because you can never be too careful. You always want what’s best for you and your family so it is a pretty reasonable ask. If you are looking for a safe place in Ottawa, this is for you. We have attempted to help you out in your search for a lovely home in a neighborhood that is safe and not prone to violent crimes. But, do conduct some more research before making any decisions as we just touched upon these briefly.

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