Live Out Your Sniper Dreams at Commando Action Center

Live Out Your Sniper Dreams at Commando Action Center

If you are a massive fan of the shooting games Call of Duty, Halo, and Doom, Commando Action Centre is a paintball shooting venue where you can unleash your inner sniper dreams – of course, in a safe and not-so-dangerous way.

Situated in 4565 Dunning Road and Russell, at Ottawa, Ontario, Commando Action Centre offers its paintball shooters the most varied terrain options catered to every shooter’s preferences.

Whether it is bachelor or bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, business or corporate functions, or just a simple family bonding, Commando Action Centre is the perfect place to spend all your energy having fun.

And if you have over 20 players, a bonus of a field of your own with no outside players to join you will be given as a perk.

While Commando Action Centre will take all necessary precautions for shooters to have a safe and fun paintball shooting experience by giving proper safety equipment, all participants will be required to sign a Waiver and Release Form. For participants who are of non-legal age (18 and below), a parent or a guardian must be present to sign the said form. Because this game has an element of risk, the minimum age requirement will be 10, and those who are ages 10 and 11 must have a parent or a guardian alongside them on the field.

If your interests are piqued, get ready to read and learn more about the field names that you think will live up to that excitement of yours!

Bush Ball

For bush ball enthusiast, this field has 45 man-made barricades, in addition to the ones provided by Mother Nature offers ample cover for shooters who want to want to use natural surroundings as your camouflage.

D Day

Starting your game in a barge on the water, once you land on the coast, teams will fight their way up on either a hill or through a village.

Its inclusions are as follows: 3 barges, 15 trucks, five pillboxes, barrels, 24 buildings, and three towers.

The Naval Base

As Commando Paintball’s pride, this field includes life-like features, giving shooters extra challenge due to obstructions and elevations. The marvelous props mentioned below will provide shooters with an authentic feel of these spectacular props will certainly give you that authentic feel of a battlefield.

Its inclusions are as follows: Towers, bridges, boats, trucks, rocket trucks, sandbags, five large hills, and a communication depot.

The Village

For shooters who are interested in close combat, the newly revamped field offers “in-your-face” action, along with several new props and buildings.

Army Base

To make things more exciting for our shooters, we reconfigured the primary field for an added level of difficulty.

Its inclusions are as follows: Vehicles, four towers, pillboxes, and other well-detailed props.

Field 4

With an approximate of 3 acres, several barricades and a unique topography are in this field.

Up Close and Personal

This field retained a massive percentage of its trees for an added option to a long ball play, boasting a striking number of 7′ cedar barricades.

Hamburger Hill

This 2-acre field will prove to be a tricky location to play in for paintball enthusiasts due to its remarkably tilted steep hill.

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